Saturday, December 3, 2016

How to increase your internet speed

This may be the reason why you have a slow internet connection:

1. You may have lower internet subscription package for your ISP.
  • Run a speed test and compare your speed result to your subscription plan. If you receive lower speeds than you are paying for, contact customer service and demand for the speeds that match in your subscription.
  • Your subscription may be too old, upgrade your internet plan if you haven't upgraded in a long time.

2. Your computer might be the problem
  • Clear your browser data - this can help you speed up your browsing experience.
  • Scan and remove virus and malware using your updated antivirus application.
  • Remove extensions and toolbar's in your browser.
  • Even if you have a decent internet connection, you can still experience slow connection if you have a slow computer. You may have low memory or your hard disk may have a bad sector, this can decrease the speed of your computer and affect your browsing experience. Check your computer if you need any repair or upgrade.
  • If you think you need to buy a new one, just visit stores near you.

3. If you are using Wireless connection, you may want to try making your own homemade antenna, it can boost your wireless signal.
  • Visit freeantennas"dot"com to download their template.