Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tatlong Bibe Ultimate

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Busy Schedules

I'm so busy this days, reading 1000+ pages books of HTML, CSS and JavaScript’s which has lots of blah.... then, practice for my gigs. Huh!

Last Thursday, birthday of Macky Jean my friend from Digos City, but I haven't went there. We are on our gig at Blowing-Up Bar at Lanang, Davao City and after that we auditioned as a band player at Salu-salo Bar sa Ulas. We did not practice for that, but we get APPROVED! Yes, we are IN and we are now regular their every Tuesday's and Thursday's. On the other hand, you can see as play our stuffs at Blowing-Up bar every Sunday's and Thursday's. We play both Bars every Thursday’s, 6-8 PM at Blowing-Up Bar and 9 PM onwards at Salu-salo Bar sa Ulas.

If you have time, come and hang-out with us

Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm Alive and Think I'm In love

Hello there! I haven't post anything here for a long time. Still I'm not good in English but I'm doing my best to tell you the words that coming out from my head and heart.

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, so what I'm telling you here is not just came from my mind but also came from my heart.

I really confused if I'm really in love with her or not. I can't speak in front of her. I always wanted to see her and be with her, but I don't know if she like me same as I like her. I think I'm returning at my teenage life again in the age of twenty-three, ha-ha-ha! Doesn't know if I'm in love or not. But I'm thankful to know her.

After running away home, at my downtime's, I'm back in action and still kicking with the cycle of my life. The lower notes of my life has ended and going to higher "do". I'm thankful for those people who are with me at those times. I'm happy to have them as my friends. I'm enjoyed my stay with them.

Now, I'm back in action and think I'm inspired with someone who is close to my heart. I may not mention her name here, but maybe someday we will chitchat about that.

Have a nice morning! I'm going to my bed now

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blog and Play

I've been blogging for a few months.
Blogging is great way to express my feelings and to share my knowledge to all people around the globe.

Step-by-step I've learned a lot from my own experiences on blogging:
  • html

  • php

  • how to blog for money

  • It's great to blog and get paid, all you have to do is post some nice writings with your own idea and not just copying others people's post.

    While I post some blogs, I played some music at my desktop, it makes me feel more lively while making some post. I love blogging the way I love music.

    I bought my own site last February 11, 2007 and started posting blogs. Visit Edpabs

    Monday, January 14, 2008

    Missing Her

    I told her to not to contact me anymore
    You want her to stay away from you
    but your heart says no dont leave
    We maybe not seeing each other
    or texting at my phone
    But i miss her so much.
    Oh! I'm too hasty with my decision
    Letting her go is a mistake
    Mistake that makes my heart crumble
    How can i break free with this devoid.
    I love her, yes i do
    But all i can do is look at the picture
    Picture that even pulverized will remains in my mind and heart
    Loving someone is exultant
    but when she leaves
    I miss her and i love her.
    You know who you are.

    Friday, January 11, 2008

    Gone Fishing

    I've been at Digos City this few days, i had a fun going hanging-out. Meet new and old friends and enjoy staying their. I'm tired of sitting here always in front of my computer so i take a few days vacation. I stayed at Mr. Diguia's house-which also his business area for his own stocks of bakery supplies delivering at many Digos bakeries. They also make polboron and sampaloc candy and i try and join packing those candies with them, i had a lot of fun learning while talking to them with some of my friends their.

    But what i really enjoy is having fishing with them. I really don't know how to paddle, i paddle and went in different direction.. hahaha! If i want to go left, my boat went at the right, i really have a hard time paddling around. Then I almost bitten by a giant crab, but i am much faster than the crab.. haha! i didn't notice that there is a crab on our fishing net and i touch the crab without noticing it but after i grab the net and touch the giant crab, i throw the net away from me.. hahaha! looks like mr. crabby really can't bitten spongebob, toink! i'm not spongebob anyway.. I'm the man who buy burger from spongebob. :)) you know who really is the true spongebob? it's mr. ronald mcdonald with his very wide smiles face, some children are having fan looking at him but some cry and scared at his smiley-wide-face. Sorry, boss! no offends :o))

    Anyway, There are a lot of lobsters their, and also "lovesters", hehehe! what i mean are Sweethearts dating at the bay. Im jealous of what i saw, hahaha! hope i get one soon.. toink! hahaha! Sorry! i am not available right now.. Please try to contact me later if you want, :) hehehe! But for now, just looking around with those lovebirds. I am having fun fishing! wew! :)